NTA launches Mobile VoIP Sim Card

NTA, a privately owned UK VoIP provider, has announced the launch of its first True Mobile VoIP solution scheduled for May 28th 2010. Using an NTA SIM, customers will get all the flexibility and functionality of their VoIP Business System, on their mobile phone, and at a fraction of the cost of the current mobile providers.

NTA’s network is interconnected with one of the largest UMTS mobile network operators using voice over the Internet protocol (VoIP) technology. This means you are not required to install VoIP software or a SIP client on your mobile phone. Also you are not dependant on an unreliable WiFi connection.

Paul White, NTA MD commented ‘We will be able to take our customer’s existing mobile and make it an extension of our network. This means their mobile phones can now access the same huge range of functionality as their office based VoIP system.’ He continued ‘NTA is the first VoIP provider who is offering pure-play VoIP for mobile customers as well as offering “MOVEX” (Mobile VoIP Extensions) without costly mobile forwarding charges and limitations to an area. You can choose from a range of mobile numbers, geographic numbers and office extension numbers to be assigned to a NTA Mobile SIM Card. Or have multiple numbers assigned to the NTA Mobile SIM Card as well.’

Functions include call recording, hold, call transfer, voicemail, hunt group, IVR, call pickup, DND, Time & Date routes, music on hold, Call announcements, Fax to Email, Alerts, Conference Calls, Call Screening, Whisper announcement, Pattern Menu, Queues, Remote Access, Instant Number Allocation and many more. Users of NTA’s Mobile VoIP will be able to make calls at exactly the same rate as their desk phone (with a small charge of 2.5ppm on top of the normal tariff). This means they can ring a UK landline for 3.7ppm (peak time) or call the US for the same rate. Calls within the NTA network (NTA mobile VoIP to NTA VoIP extension and vice versa) cost only 2.5ppm.

When launched on May 28th 2010, the service will cost £7.99 a month plus £0.99 for hosting the number.

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