O-bit introduce new Purple Networx product

O-bit has recently launched a new VoIP offering called Purple Networx Hosted Secure. The product allows VoIP traffic to run over the secure environment of IP VPN rather than the internet. It connects directly into O-bit’s NGN which has a dedicated voice network. The additional feature and indeed USP of Hosted Secure is that it has full integration of SpliceCom handsets and therefore offers end users the full feature rich services available on the platform. O-bit is the only company able to offer full integration and feature extension over a WAN for SpliceCom handsets. This exclusive USP is not matched or offered by any other reseller.

According to O-bit some distributors have struggled with launching and maintaining their hosted VoIP product offering. When asked why O-bit has triumphed, Paul Cloudsdale – Technical Director, O-bit Telecom replied “I think it is due to the support and understanding of the full end-to-end service being offered. O-bit has a well-established technical team who really know their stuff. If you have an issue with the service you don’t get any of this “You’ll have to speak to your ISP”. With O-bit’s VoIP offering you speak to the same people end-to-end so we know and understand all the areas that make the solution work. We also offer VoIP services that make commercial sense. O-bit not only offers Hosted IPT but also SIP Trunking and SIP Termination where customers can send SIP traffic to our network to process, port numbers to us and also take numbers (PRS, NGN or Geo) from us – all in a single order and supported by the same support desk!”

And finally what is Cloudsdale’s advice for resellers starting out in offering VoIP services to their client base? “Get on board or be left behind. More and more companies are asking for VoIP/SIP services – it’s a great tool to have in your tool-box. The cost savings, functionality and flexibility of Purple Networx offerings will open more doors for you.”

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