O-bit Roll out New Customer Service Plan

O-bit is making moves to improve upon their customer service record. As part of this effort they are rolling out a brand new Customer Service Agreement and held a workshop to discuss important issues surrounding customer service at their High Wycombe based headquarters.

The workshop aimed to reinforce lead times and provide a better understanding behind the current service levels being provided by BT Openreach. Furthermore, there was an update on the resourcing issues currently being experienced by BT Openreach.

Operations Manager, Paul Richens, lead the day saying, “it is important that our customers fully understand the structure and escalation procedures of O-bit and how it affects them. We wanted to explain to them where we are as a business, following our continuing success and growth.”

Customer Support Manager, Kate Hayes, explains the massive task that the O-bit Support Team undertake on a daily basis. “Support is the backbone to any organisation. At O-bit our Team receive around 5000 emails per month and 2500 phone calls. Nevertheless our average answer time is still just twelve seconds and our PCA is 97%! This is for a number of reasons, broadband orders alone have risen by 400% since June due to the new products we launched in May, but our Team has managed to rise to the challenge. It is for this reason that we have decided to restructure the team as we have done, nominating dedicated repair and provisioning agents for greater efficiency.”

The workshop also looked at the company’s extensive customer portal. “The portal has expanded rapidly over the past few months”, explains Richens. “We now have fraud report tools, pricing tools, archiving options, additional call divert and debt management – in total there have been over 20 enhancements in the past three months to improve the customer’s experience.”

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