O-bit Telecom Widens IP VPN Services For Resellers

O-bit Telecom has launched a new range of IP VPN services through Surfwise, its established business broadband service. The new services are provided via Purple Networx, a data network wholly built and owned by O-bit Telecom, allowing resellers to offer their customers a range of flexible networking solutions to connect remote sites.

The Surfwise IP VPN utilises IP technology to provide high speed and secure remote access to a company’s network. Resellers are able to offer this solution as a cost effective alternative to traditional VPNs, with high levels of resilience provided by an in-house support team. The IP VPN is easily scalable, allowing additional sites to be easily added to the network, providing businesses with a VPN solution to grow with their needs.

“With more people working from home, the ability to securely and quickly access a corporate network is becoming very important. At the same time, bandwidth demands are becoming greater, and VPN users don’t want the connection itself to be a bottleneck,” explains Dave Breith, CEO, O-bit Telecom. “The Surfwise IP VPN allows resellers to offer a high-bandwidth VPN solution that many businesses are crying out for, at a price that is much more reasonable than traditional VPN solutions.”

Resellers are able to provide their customers with a choice of connectivity options for their IP VPN. This includes Ethernet in the First Mile, which provides connection speeds of up to 10Mbps without the need for expensive fibre connections, as well as cost-effective ADSL, ADSL2+ and Annex M connections.

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