O2 Makes a Play for Broadband Market

O2 UK is to launch O2 Broadband, its new high quality broadband offering on October 15. With recent consumer surveys showing consistently that consumers are dissatisfied with their broadband provider, O2 Broadband comes with the simple promise to make broadband better, by addressing the frustrations that have created dissatisfaction and creating an overall service quality that sets a new standard in the market. In particular, O2 Broadband will be simple to set up and use, offer total transparency in both pricing and service speeds, and has great after service care.

Prior to completing the purchase, a line check will be completed to estimate the speeds the customer can receive to ensure they are placed on the correct package. This will be checked up to 1 month later to ensure the package selected by the customer is appropriate and that they only pay for the package appropriate for the speed their line can support.

“The UK broadband market is fuelled by price competition but customers are also frustrated over hidden costs, bad customer service and technical complexity,” said Matthew Key, CEO, O2 UK. “O2 Broadband intends to shake up the market and be a breath of fresh air by offering a technologically-advanced service which also meets customer demand for a simple set up, receiving what you pay for with no broken promises.”

Three price plans will be available for O2 Pay Monthly customers starting with the Standard Package at £7.50 per month for up for 8 MB; the Premium Package at £10 per month for up to 16 MB and the Ultimate Package at £15 per month for speeds of up to 20 MB. Non O2 Pay Monthly and non-O2 customers will pay an additional £10 per month on each of the available packages.

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