Ofcom’s call for clear information on internet traffic management is good news for consumers

Commenting on the publication today of Ofcom’s statement on net neutrality, Communications Consumer Panel Chair, Bob Warner said:

“We welcome Ofcom’s statement on improving information about internet traffic management. It’s a positive move to empower consumers, and we support the move to consider using regulatory powers to compel internet service providers (ISPs) if they fail to provide a minimum level of consumer information.

“The Consumer Panel has argued that ISPs must first make consumers aware of what internet traffic management is and how it potentially affects them. Without this it will be difficult for consumers to make informed choices about the broadband service that suits them.

“How we manage broadband congestion is still at an early stage, but it will be vital for Ofcom to continue to monitor the potential for harm to consumers and take early action to ensure consumers benefit from effective transparency.”

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