Olive Wins Health Care Contract

Partnerships in Care has selected Olive Communications to implement a new mobile device management solution, offering heightened data protection and greater monitoring capabilities.

Operating in 23 hospitals nationally, Partnerships in Care helps patients and commissioners find the right care pathways, without the need for multiple reassessments. The contract sees Olive’s MaaS360 MDM solution enrolled across all business devices within the estate, enhancing security with the advantage of closer activity management throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Partnerships in Care is now able to provide its workforce with secure mobile access to email and applications through business compliant tablets, eliminating the risk of data being compromised. By supervising the configuration of devices, Olive has also ensured company tablets can be remotely wiped and reassigned to another user to suit business needs and protect sensitive data.

In addition to the security benefits of Olive’s solution, care workers enjoy the freedom to run personal applications on work devices in their leisure time, providing a seamless transition between professional and private lives.

Jon Hardiman, senior systems technician, Partnerships in Care, says: “Operating in the health sector, we needed a solution that offered us the very best security and monitoring capabilities, allowing us to wipe and redistribute devices as required. Olive impressed us with their diligent attitude towards optimising our back end systems with minimal disruption to the end user.”

Martin Flick (pictured), CEO, Olive Communications, says: “As businesses embrace the future of work and adopt BYOD and remote working policies, it’s important to invest time in considering how you can best safeguard your company’s data.

“Being flexible about how business devices are used, and giving individuals the freedom to run personal applications alongside their work accounts, can pay dividends both in terms of employee engagement and productivity.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine