On Brand Audio Offers Channel Proposition

OnBrand Group launch a partner programme to enable telecom companies to ‎provide professional audio messaging & IVR content services.

The partner programme was set up after extensive studies in customer contact, and the resulting outcome that organisations need to communicate even better before a call is answered. Last year, OnBrand Group’s audio team developed a white paper in conjunction with a PhD research team at The University of Roehampton which examined the impact of the ‘pre-answer experience’ on the success or failure of a telephone call.

Rick Kirkham, Customer Experience Manager said; “The white paper was the first paper examining this area of customer contact in such detail and clearly proved the link between the messages customers hear before they get answered and the likelihood of a positive call outcome. With over 80% of phone systems in the UK using recorded messages, the Partner Programme unlocks a new opportunity for Telecoms partners to get quick and easy access to new audio messaging content for their customers.”

The importance of getting the recorded part of the telephone experience right is highlighted by one of OnBrand Audio’s channel partners; Charities Buying Group Telecom, part of the Charities Buying Group.

David Nethercott, M.D. at CBGTelecom Ltd tells us “Once they implemented the most cost effective telephone system for their charity customers, it is extremely important that the caller is engaged, stays on the line when the call is answered, and the callers are in the best frame of mind to help the charity. Using the Telephone Audio Partner Programme has enabled to us to offer this finishing touch to the charities we work with, enhancing their customer experience and adding value to their relationship with us.”

Daniel Graham, MD of OnBrand Group says; ‎”We worked hard to make sure the web portal is white labelled so there is no need to introduce another supplier into the chain, and that choosing voice artists, music and scripts was quick and effortless, reducing friction in the overall sale, adding a valuable step up in caller experience and customer satisfaction.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine