One Stop Shops For Efficient Voice with Azzurri

One Stop, the retail convenience business, is to save nearly £40,000 per year on telecoms expenditure following the deployment of Azzurri Communications’ Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) service.

The managed service, which consolidates and continuously evaluates an organisation’s communications spend, will remove the complexities of managing multiple carriers and pricing, and help to improve the performance of One Stop’s telephony service across its 500 stores.

John Sargeant, Head of IT for One Stop, comments; “With such a large estate, managing the intricacies and cost implications of a multi-branch voice system can be highly complex.”

Says Sargeant, “The different pricing options and packages are numerous, and to remain competitive and to secure the best possible service you need to constantly review all available options. By joining forces with Azzurri, we are able to better procure and manage what is a significant constituent of our communications infrastructure.”

Following an initial audit of One Stop’s communications charges, Azzurri identified a number of areas for improvement, such as disconnecting redundant lines and adopting a better pricing strategy with existing telecoms providers, which resulted in an immediate saving of 10%.

Martin St. Quinton, CEO for Azzurri, comments; “Balancing the operational elements of a communications strategy requires a nimbleness and all-seeing eye that is extremely difficult to achieve in today’s marketplace. For large organisations, communications spend, if not monitored, can quickly spiral out of control and suck dry budget that could be allocated toward identifying value-add opportunities.

“As a trusted IT partner, Azzurri is able to work closely with organisations to negotiate on existing and alternative vendor contracts to ensure the most cost-effective communications strategy is achieved, all via a single service provider.”

St. Quinton concludes, “Furthermore, our heritage and expertise as a managed service provider means we can utilise our considerable experience with regional and global carriers in order to leverage greater spending power on behalf of our clients. In doing so, we can help organisations, like One Stop, transform their IT budget, and convert the benefits back into the business.”

Working with One Stop, Azzurri will continue to assess and deploy best-price rates; reduce duplicate billing, excess capacity and redundant lines; provide 24/7 monitoring and fault resolution; and, critically, deliver real-time visibility of reporting from a single web-portal.

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