OpenCloud Selected by Swisscom

OpenCloud today announced that its Rhino Service Broker and Telecom Application Server products have been selected by Swisscom to provide a long term solution for managing legacy services as the operator phases-out its circuit switched network, and for enabling service development across the operator’s circuit-switched and All IP networks.

As a result of ongoing network evolution, and compounded by equipment life-cycle issues as some equipment approached “End-of-Life”, Swisscom required developments within its service layer to accelerate. Swisscom recognised that development of services on existing equipment would only serve the network to which it was attached, with further expense required to inter-connect it to other networks.

To enable faster, more cost-effective convergence, Swisscom selected OpenCloud Rhino Service Broker and Telecom Application Server to create a unifying bridge between the legacy and All IP networks. These enable services on one network to operate across all of Swisscom’s networks and provide an open environment for further service development.

“Cost-effective and competitively-paced evolution requires operators to move on from traditional models for tackling change,” said Phillip Stubbs, OpenCloud’s CTO. He added: “As the migration to All IP networks continues, operators have genuine concerns about how to successfully manage and integrate their legacy services, or face dropping them and losing customers as a result. Forward looking operators like Swisscom realise that there is a competitive alternative and OpenCloud now has experience in deploying these types of solutions for multiple leading operators.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine