Opportunities in Data Networks

Dave Breith, CEO of O-bit Telecom says that for businesses with multiple offices, the ability to host a corporate intranet and allow files to be shared between offices on its own private network is vital.

“Yet for many, this is something that is perceived as being too expensive and out of reach, despite the fact that it can improve the efficiency of many business processes and make it easier for staff to work together. However, by taking advantage of existing technologies, resellers can offer businesses of all sizes quick and effective ways to link offices together. The ability to offer private data network solutions allows resellers to make the most of the opportunities offered by businesses spread over several sites.

“O-bit Telecom can offer resellers a whole range of different data network solutions, allowing them to offer their customers a package that is exactly tailored to their needs. From IP VPNs (Broadband Virtual Private Networks), MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching), Ethernet, EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile), MIA (Managed Internet Access), Leased Line, Point-to-Point, to WANs (Wide Area Networks) and LANs (Local Area Networks), there is a wide range of options available to create bespoke solutions.

“Ethernet is now the established and ubiquitous data interface and transport protocol used in the local and private network. This is the most flexible and least expensive data interface to deploy and therefore the most popular. O-bit’s branded Surfwise Data Networks meets the requirements of customers looking to provide an Ethernet option to their clients. Resellers can now offer full UK coverage for short, medium and long distance data applications to their client base.

“For example, Point-to-Point circuits can be used by organisations requiring exclusive connectivity between geographically distant offices, with an always-on service and an assured level of quality. Our Point-to-Point leased lines are for companies with varying bandwidth requirements which require one scalable network to connect between two sites. Both mission critical or standard data traffic, along with VoIP, can all be securely and reliably carried and prioritised as required by the customer. Larger organisations can also use leased lines to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

“For smaller organisations, MPLS is a cost effective, secure and fully managed network service that allows you to connect your geographically dispersed sites. Our MPLS provides the security of a VPN with superior performance for business-critical applications, allowing customers to benefit from converging voice, data and video traffic onto the same network. Classes of service can be provided to control voice, multi-media, assured/standard data and delay sensitive applications.

“Surfwise IP VPN offers greater scalability and flexibility as a single IP VPN can support thousands of sites. These sites work together seamlessly to give flexible and scalable access via Access Bandwidths ranging from 1Mbit/s, all the way up to Gigabit speeds to suit all customer requirements for both primary and backup connections. Plus with Ethernet, access options are complemented by our cost-effective ADSL, ADSL2+ and Annex M.

“Our data networks are able to provide speeds from 2Mbps using copper cable up to 1Gbps using fibre optics, and feature business-critical service level agreements and 24/7 technical support. These networks have several access options, including a dedicated, uncontended and always-on service; a scalable service allowing bandwidth to be adjusted according to your customer’s needs; and a resilient service offering the reassurance of a secondary, dedicated back-up internet connection.”

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