Orange Business Services launches cloud-based secure remote access

Orange Business Services has announced it will continue to enhance its cloud computing portfolio with a new secure remote access service called Flexible SSL, using a Security-as-a-Service model that is based on Juniper Networks Junos Pulse.

Flexible SSL provides business customers secure remote access to corporate resources and sensitive data from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Flexible SSL increases security for corporate customers as their global workforces become increasingly mobile and the number and types of connected devices – both corporate and personal – continues to grow rapidly. Flexible SSL complements Orange Business Services Business VPN, an award-winning, fully managed IP-based VPN service that facilitates secure and efficient connectivity in 177 countries.

Flexible SSL enables secure remote access to a company’s internal IT system from any device via different network connections, such as WiFi, 3G and DSL. This service, which can be opened to different user profiles such as employees or third parties, substantially improves remote user efficiency and productivity without jeopardizing security

“Enabling the mobile workforce is a top priority for CIOs and CSOs given the inherent productivity gains – however doing it in a way that gives employees flexibility in areas like personal smartphone or laptop choice while maintaining strong corporate security controls is the key,“ said Sanjay Beri, vice president and general manager, Junos Pulse Business Unit, Juniper Networks. “Flexible SSL from Orange Business Services based on Junos Pulse solves this problem by enabling secure corporate access from any device at any time for applications of any type.”

“Attacks to corporate security are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and often target the presumed weakest link – remote locations and mobile users,” said Nicolas Furgé, head of Security Services, Orange Business Services. “With the consumerization of IT, a best of class, scalable security solution like Flexible SSL is essential for companies to find an effective compromise between corporate security, an increasingly mobile workforce and employee work-life balance. Flexible SSL is the perfect solution for an enterprise willing to replace its existing remote access solution with a new solution providing both simplicity and flexibility.”

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