Orange launches end to end care service for mobile users

Orange today is launching Orange Care, a new end to end portfolio of care services. These services will provide customers across Europe with protection and peace of mind, not just for their device but also for the increasingly valuable amount of information, content and data that mobile users now put on their phones.

The three-tiered care package broadly covers transfer of content in Orange shops, insurance with data backup and synchronisation services and recycling for their phones. Designed to support customers throughout their lifetime with Orange, it is a true end to end care solution offered by an operator in Europe and underpins a new approach from Orange to drive the adoption of non-voice services.

The Orange Care portfolio offers customers three levels of service which will initially be focused on mobile customers but will be extended to include an offer for laptops in the future. These include services such as: Transfer of contacts and content at point of sale: when customers buy a new phone at an Orange shop, Orange will also propose to transfer their content from their old phone. Customers can choose to have their contacts automatically backed up onto the Orange network over the air at regular intervals from then on; and Insurance and Backup: this includes an extended warranty service as well as regular backup of contacts and content (photos, music etc) either through Orange retail shops or over the air; and Recycle: Orange will encourage customers to recycle their old phones when they decide to retire their device.

Customers will pay for the service they require either through a one-off fee or by monthly subscription. Non-Orange customers can also benefit from Orange Care; services like transfer of content will be available to them through a one off payment and these customers can take part in the Orange Recycle service without needing to become an Orange customer.

Olaf Swantee, SEVP of Orange’s global mobile business, commented: “Currently, operators may offer customers insurance locally that covers a device but at Orange, we will not only offer insurance but also transfer and backup for all their contacts and content as well as a sustainable programme for recycling their old phones.”

Olaf added: “The digital age we live in requires us to reinvent how care is provided to all mobile users, to give them peace of mind and protection for what’s important to them. We have learnt that customers place a different value on their phone, its contents and their ability to stay in touch. This tiered package allows customers to only pay for the level of service they want, giving them more value for money and better control over what’s most valuable to them.”

Insurance services will be available from Orange in France, UK, Poland and Switzerland. Spain, Belgium, Romania and Slovakia will be launching their insurance services in the next two months. Remaining Orange Care solutions such as Backup and Recycling programmes services will be launched across the Orange footprint from Q2 09 onwards.

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