Over the air update brings video to Palm Pre

The latest enhancements to the Palm webOS platform has gone live via an over the air update.

Highlights of the 1.4 software update include video capture, the ability to capture, edit, and share video. Not only can you easily shoot video footage from your Palm Pre phone, but you can make simple edits and upload your footage to YouTube or Facebook (or send them via email or MMS) with just a couple of clicks.

Faster apps, with calendar, phone, and email apps are more responsive and each of them has new features to simplify common tasks. For example, in the calendar app, you can now dial a number that appears in the subject of an appointment. In the Email app, you can now sort by date, sender, and subject. And in the phone app, the Call log offers more options to easily connect to a contact (such as via SMS). And this can all be done with improved battery life.

Plus new alerts; there is now an option for the LED in the gesture area to light up and pulse if you have a notification, and more customisation of alert sounds (for calendar events, for example) is now possible.

Palm will automatically notify the phone once the software update is available. Downloading proceeds automatically and, for simplicity and to minimise costs, we highly recommend turning on WiFi. If a download over WiFi doesn’t happen within the first 48 hours, the update will proceed using your 3G wireless data connection.

Please ensure the internet data plan provided by your network operator is sufficient. Alternatively, connect to a WiFi network and click on the updates application on your phone to manually download the software update.

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