Packet Media Develops Call Recording Tool

Packet Media have developed a product that can archive up to 38 years of telephone conversations, and saves it all in a fully searchable database.

The product, called the Audio Data Archive (or ‘ADA’ for short) works in conjunction with the IP Cortex Pro and was developed in response to an identified need across many industries, providing a tidy solution to many legal, customer service, and process compliance problems.

The ADA can store up to 170,000 hours of recordings per 1TB hard drive. Recordings are created in .wav format, but are converted to .mp3 to maximize memory efficiency. Each recording is searchable based on who made or received the call, the date, time or duration of the call.
Lee Hill, Director of Product Development at Packet Media, said: “Whilst the majority of Asterisk based telephony systems offer ‘out of the box’ call recording functionality far beyond the extent of traditional PBX’s, our customers have been asking for greater functionality to bring the systems in to line with more expensive 3rd Party Call Recording appliances.

“Although Asterisk based telephony systems do a great job of recording the call, they are not designed to store large quantities of recordings, nor do they tend to offer a comprehensible method of retrieving the recordings based upon various search criteria.

“The Packet Media Audio Data Archive bridges this gap by ensuring that your call recordings are stored securely on a separate server with built in RAID storage. The Audio Data Archive also provides a simple to use graphical front end to allow you to easily search for recordings based on criteria such as date of call, phone number, extension number etc.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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