Panasonic Introduces Voice Recording

With call recording becoming increasingly important within small-medium sized businesses throughout the UK for staff training, protecting staff from verbal abuse, resolving any discrepancies in agreements made over the phone and ultimately for protecting companies in the event of legal disputes, Panasonic Business Telephone Systems has introduced a PC based voice recording solution for the channel.

The Panasonic Voice Recorder is multi channel audio recording software designed for simultaneous recording from multiple sources. Recording is possible on the extension and at the trunk, or both.

The company says this new application can be used effectively for many purposes, and it is especially critical in all industries that sell or give advice over the phone, as it is often legally important for the communication to be stored as data, i.e. the financial industry. All FSA regulated companies including banks, building societies and insurance companies tend to have call recording when giving financial advice or transactions.

Panasonic Voice Recorder is provided to Panasonic via CommSoft, and is known throughout the non-Panasonic channel as VoiceMaster.

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