Panasonic Launch New IP Phones

Panasonic is now offering a new IP Product range which they say gives users more flexibility when working and better value for money.

The new KX-NCS8100 IP Softphone gives users the choice of hands free handset or headset operation, allowing more freedom and flexibility when working. Also available is the Panasonic KX-NT265 IP Phone, giving customers a low cost option. Both phones allow companies to offer both deskbound and remote employees a higher level of access to the corporate telephony systems and associated data within the organisation, ensuring they don’t miss a thing.

The KX-NSC8100 allows users to control calls using their PC and connect back to a central TDA hybrid to view any activity stored on the system. Both models create “ease of use” and virtually zero learning when using the IP phone.

The IP Softphone supports a one touch call recording function so users can record their conversations, and if required these records can be later emailed or archived allowing users to keep in touch and up to date with colleagues. Users can dial a phone number in an email, word document or excel sheet by simply copying and pasting details into the Softphone. The 24 programmable keys can be easily and quickly assigned a variety of functions and the six-line 24-character virtual LCD display shows both the callers name, number and an assortment of other useful details including the call duration.

As more companies require a higher level of internet access and communication methods when employees are travelling or working from remote locations, IP software provides the ultimate in telephony, allowing significant employee productivity.

For true mobility and flexibility in your working pattern the KX-NT265 IP telephone comes with a range of functions including one-touch simple and easy access to Panasonic TDA Hybrid features, regardless of the user’s location. The eight programmable keys that the IP Phone offer are supported with dual-colour LED’s, 16-character LCD which can show the date and time or caller ID alongside a selection of other useful information to keep the user fully informed. Functions such as ‘Call Forward’ and ‘Do not disturb’ are included as useful display options to allow user peace of mind when employees are hard at work.

The KX-NT265 IP telephone offers a built in speaker phone allowing the user two way, hands free communication at the touch of a button and speaker phone conversations which can be cancelled at the touch of a button for those hectic moments. Use of standard cables reduce deployment problems, allowing employees to move at ease and allow the IP phones to be plugged in at a different locations with virtually zero programming and reducing relocation of office space inconveniences.

On both new IP phones the product supports VLAN tagging which enables dedicated bandwidth to handle voice traffic and users can maximise their IP network bandwidth resources.

These high-end IP phones, both KX-NCS8100 with its flexibility and diverse range of features and the cost-effective KX-NT265 with is ease of use allow you to customise your system to best suit you and your business. The phones allow fantastic connection quality with no change as you move around and ensure you stay informed whether you work in the head office, the warehouse or are constantly on the move.

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