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Pangea Pre-Ethernet Spikes in Demand

Since its launch back in November 2016, Pangea has reported an ever-increasing demand for the Pangea Pre-Ethernet solution.

With Ethernet lines taking on average 3-6 months to be installed, the Pre-Ethernet solution allows resellers to collect revenue from their Ethernet sales from day one. It also provides end-customers with instant connectivity over 4G with an optional Static IP on the major UK Networks; a win-win scenario for both sides. Telecoms resellers are utilising the Pre-Ethernet solution and including it within their Ethernet solution packages, as an extension to the product or form of add-on, giving them a unique competitive advantage to sell more Ethernet and deliver it quicker.

The advantages don’t end there. Once line installation has been achieved and the Ethernet is finally delivered, the Pre-Ethernet solution and its 4G connected Pangea router can then be used as an On Demand Back-up service, or disaster recovery option, should the Ethernet ever go down.

This switch in purpose is an easy step, and often a far more effective one when compared to other recovery options. Many back-up lines will use the same telephone exchange as the main Ethernet line, so an issue here could also eliminate the ‘failsafe’ option – a disaster that can be easily avoided with the use of the Pangea router and 4G connectivity as the service is using a completely different access method. So a reseller’s Ethernet solution package now consists of the Ethernet itself, sandwiched between the welcome additions of a Pre-Ethernet solution and an On-Demand Back-up service.

Dan Cunliffe, our Managing Director, explains how our Pre-Ethernet solution has become trusted by many of our partners:

“Around this time a lot of Ethernet installations are delayed even longer during the winter months, so a Pre-Ethernet solution becomes even more valuable. The fact that we were the first to offer Pre-Ethernet gives people the confidence that we can provide a quality solution amidst what is fast becoming a very crowded market. This in itself demonstrates the value of the solution, and we continue to see a notable increase in its demand.

“We’re continuing to develop the Pangea Pre-Ethernet solution due to this demand, as we strive to remain at the forefront of new solutions in the channel, as market leaders. We have an exciting development coming soon with this product that will change and enhance it even further.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine