Passionate About Phones

In an age where soft phones and headsets are always in the news John Bennett, Managing Director for snom UK, says that his firm is passionate about telephone handsets.

“We believe they should be strong, reliable, easy to use, simple to deploy and aesthetically pleasing – but more – we believe that your choice of phone handset is critical to your successful VoIP deployment and that businesses and service providers alike can improve the bottom line on their VoIP deployments by selecting the right handset.”
Bennett says that if a handset is not comfortable to use employees productivity will reduce – so snom test their handset to ensure they ‘feel’ good to use as well as look good on the desktop.

“If a handset is difficult to deploy needing individual configuration the cost of a VoIP project increases – so we focus on pre-configuration and remote configuration. snom handsets have exceptionally low RMA’s – we ensure this is the case to reduce the cost to your business both in downtime and in support costs. Businesses need to ensure they are always available to their customers so we build phones with the resilient with redundancy features to give your business the fail safes and switchovers needed.”

Bennett adds, “Security is a big issue today – so at snom we design our handsets to support encryption and handsets in accordance with the EU privacy recommendations
But best of all – we know our customers don’t want to have to keep replacing handsets every few years. So we design products that will last, and last, and last. Some of our snom 3 series handsets have been deployed in anger for 8 years!

We are delighted that our customers agree with us.

“Snom provides us with the audio quality and handset build quality we need, I would compare Snom to Audi – German engineering: reliable and solid and even if thrown against the wall after a heated phone conversation it just keeps on working” said Explained Peter Gradwell founder and Managing Director of Gradwell. “In addition Snom is easy to provision. Originally we did this ourselves but today we have our handsets provisioned prior to shipment by our distributor ProVu Communications which means that we can ship directly to the customer’s site. All of which shortens our delivery times and ensures we can provide a high quality service giving us happy customers and low support overheads.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine