PBX Hacking Solution from Retell

UK call recording system manufacturer Retell believes that telephone system hacking is becoming more frequent and more widespread after hearing of several more cases including a reseller whom himself was hacked to the tune of £1,200 over one weekend.

Richard Herman, MD of Retell commented, ‘I have a relation with a burglar alarm business who says that more than 90% of his trade comes after people have been burgled. We believe that this is the case with Voice Firewall’s. Until your customer has been hacked to the tune of several thousand £’s it’s unlikely that buying a firewall will be a priority’.

‘Resellers also tell us that selling a PABX is difficult enough these days without adding the cost of a firewall and an expensive system module to the price’ continues Herman.

Some Firewall’s only work on certain PBX’s and may need a costly CSTA module. On some new systems these may be provided free but, according to Retell, are unlikely to be offered free after someone has just been hacked.

Retell claim to have two solutions to this problem. A unique rental scheme used to promote their Sense Call recording systems has been extended to their Sense Voice Firewall and helps customers to manage costs whilst offering resellers a profitable monthly income.

In addition Retell’s Voice Firewall, which can work on any phone system is offered free of charge with any Sense ISDN Recording system purchased before 1st January 2011 from specified distributors.

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