Pennine Establishes Own Billing Platform

Pennine Telecom has invested in a state of the art billing platform and is now able to offer a single bill for the whole of a customer’s landline, mobile calls and line rentals along with traditional maintenance and support charges.

The company has been an Opal dealer for many years, recommending all the Opal network services, this new development means that it will continue to offer the same reliable Opal services but billed under the Pennine Telecom brand.

In addition it paves the way for the next generation of both fixed and mobile network services to be supplied. This will provide customers with enhanced services while continuing to reduce their ongoing call costs.

Customers will have just one point of contact for all equipment and line maintenance services and they will get only one bill from Pennine, reducing their administration costs.

“We are constantly looking at new services that can deliver a competitive advantage to our customers”, said Andrew Roberts, Pennine Telecom’s MD.

“With this new billing platform they will not only save money on the cost of their minutes but will gain from the efficiencies of new IP services, receiving one bill and dealing with one point of contact here at Pennine.”

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