Plantronics to Show London Commuters a Better Way to Work

27 November 2007 – Plantronics, the leading headset manufacturer will be showing commuters how they can work wirelessly and more effectively in their offices this week with impromptu performances by a ‘Del boy’ style market trader.

To highlight the need for a better way to work, travellers at Victoria and Canary Wharf tube stations on Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th November will see the cowboy salesman demonstrating some hilarious and home made solutions to enable multitasking, mobility and privacy in the office, by using readily available tools such as sticky tape, a cardboard box and a trolley.

According to a recent survey by Plantronics, unhealthy working practices can have a negative impact on mental and physical health. Findings revealed that 50% of people spend all day at their desk, leaving only to go to the toilet, photocopier or get something to eat and more than 60% of British office workers sit in an open plan office which can affect stress levels and productivity.

Performance times:

0730 -1030, 1200 -1400 and 1600 -1900

Performances to take place outside the main concourses of Victoria (Tues) and Canary Wharf (Weds) tube stations.

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