PMN Launch Rapid Deployment Solution

Private Mobile Networks, the UK provider of private GSM network technology, today announced the launch of an integrated communications services and satellite solution providing access to a comprehensive range of voice and data services when and where needed, even in the most remote and challenging of locations.

Created through a combination of satellite, security, mobile voice and data services, the solution is the result of the partnership of Link Telecom, Orbit Research and Private Mobile Networks. It can be deployed on a vehicle or situated onsite for rapid deployment when normal services are unable to be deployed due to location or service availability problems. Deployment can be achieved in less than 5 minutes from arrival at the location.

“At the core of the solution is a communication centre,” explained Lesley Hansen, Marketing Director for Private Mobile Networks. “We have integrated the Orbit Research and Private Mobile Networks capabilities with the Link Telecom data and security solutions to provide email, internet and private GSM networks, wireless LAN (WiFi) connectivity, video conferencing, secure video surveillance capabilities plus FTP services to send information and images over a secure satellite uplink,” added Hansen.
Using the ViaOrbit UK hub, Orbit Research provides the satellite connection from the communications centre to deliver continuity of communications in a rapid deployment scenario or permanent connections for remote office locations.

The solution can be utilised both as a rapid deployment solution when major incidents occur, to provide service availability, and as an easy to deploy solution to provide communications from temporary or remote locations. Locations that will benefit include Outside Broadcasts (O/B), Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and Local Radio News (LRN), drilling rigs, vessels and temporary locations such as large events.

“The pre-configured nature of the product and its compact integrated solution are the result of our close partnerships,” said Lesley Hansen. “It is these aspects of the solution that ensure the services can be made available more cost effectively than traditional satellite deployment options,” added Hansen.

The product was launched at IBC Amsterdam and whilst at IBC, the biggest international media show of the year, Orbit Research was able to set up a live satellite TV link to transmit interviews from the show to Amsterdam’s main cable TV channel Amsterdam 1 ( The link was able to be made at extremely short notice because of the flexible nature of the Orbit Research system and bandwidth allocation.

Other satellite operators generally need to pre-book bandwidth and make a point-to-point connection. As a result, Orbit Research was the only operator at the show to able to make an instant connection available.

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