Polycom Widens Market for Video Conferencing

To help more organisations take advantage of the productivity-enhancing and cost-saving benefits of today’s video conferencing technology, Polycom has introduced a new high-resolution, full-featured video conferencing system with a list price of £2,499.

Optimised to deliver high-resolution, DVD-quality video at very low bandwidth, the Polycom say their QDX 6000 delivers the best value in its class with a combination of quality, features and performance previously found only in more expensive, enterprise-class video solutions.

“You won’t find another video conferencing system in the market today near this price point that delivers the level of voice, video and content quality or the features and performance delivered by the Polycom QDX 6000,” said Joe Sigrist, senior vice president and general manager of video solutions at Polycom. “The Polycom QDX 6000 puts wide screen, high-resolution video conferencing within reach of small- and medium-sized organisations and teams, providing a rapid return on investment and helping save money by quickly reducing business travel expenses without sacrificing effectiveness or the ability to execute across distance. Many customers will realise full ROI for two Polycom QDX 6000s by offsetting travel for just two or three business meetings.”

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