Professional Call Organizer App, Call Reminder Notes Available for Android and BlackBerry Devices

Finmouse has released a new version of Call Reminder Notes, updated with PRO features, to help busy professionals effectively organize their call activities.

Call Reminder Notes is a unique cross-platform application that allows Users to create a Reminder Note and Assign it to one or more Phone Contacts. The Reminder Note will be shown on the screen during incoming or outgoing calls for the Contact.
Finmouse has updated its Call Reminder Notes mobile app with PRO features to help users effectively organize all of their call related activities.

The updated version includes a PRO features pack which when turned ON makes it available to attach a Callback Alarm (on Android) to a Reminder Note making sure the Reminder Note is shown by a certain date, Assign a Reminder Note right after call, even if the phone number is not in the Address Book, create a Task directly on Google Account (on Android) or a Calendar Event on default Phone Calendar right after call.

Based on actual user feedback we improved performance and added the PRO features to help them organize multiple calls and tasks.

The app is available for Android devices in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese and Traditional Chinese. For BlackBerry devices the app is available in English.

“I use Call Reminder Notes on a daily basis, it really helps me keep track of my many phone calls and tasks. Once you get used to it you can’t do without it.” says Andrei Kovacs, Lead Entrepreneur and Managing Director at Finmouse.

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