Protecting staff through their mobile devices

Business continuity and communication specialists Vocal have launched a brand new element to their product suite. iModus Locate is a new product that allows enhanced security for key employee’s or those employed in a ‘lone worker’ environment, through their existing mobile devices.

“The benefits to organisations that have lone workers or key members of staff that travel are very strong.” Says Paul Miller, Sales Manager at Vocal. “iModus Locate allows compliance with lone worker regulations and employee safety legislation, allowing our clients to protect their employee’s as well as their own liability.”

With the support of Romex, as infrastructure partners, Vocal have made iModus Locate as simple and effective as possible to make the task of protecting employees an easy one. No new hardware is required, iModus Locate simple installs itself on an employee’s existing mobile handset and runs ‘silently’, ready to protect when necessary at the touch of a button. When activated, iModus Locate instantly connects the device to a pre-determined number or a certified Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), providing guaranteed protection when needed.

Director of Vocal Trevor Wheatley-Perry, feels that this latest solution shows how Vocal continue to bring new solutions to its customers. “iModus Locate is a brand new part of Vocal’s award winning product suite, bringing with it its own unique benefits. This company is constantly working with our customers to combine technological innovation with practical solutions and ideas that offer real value to our clients. This approach to innovation has meant that Vocal is recognised as an industry leader with an award winning track-record. Our policy of continuous improvement ensures that Vocal customers will always have access to the latest and most innovative solutions.”

“iModus Locate brings a simple, yet innovative solution to keeping your key staff safe”, offers James Golding, Marketing Manager at Vocal. “We will be launching iModus Locate this quarter at a selection of events, allowing companies to see exactly how within minutes of silently installing this software on your mobile device, your can be connected to a dedicated ARC facility, wherever you are in the world.”

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