Proteus Monitors Mobile Expenditure

With business increasingly being conducted on mobile devices, organisations need the tools to monitor usage and control costs. CTI Group, the provider of call accounting and call recording solutions, has announced the launch of Proteus Mobile, a call accounting tool engineered to monitor and report on SMS, MMS, data usage and standard voice traffic on any mobile handset or 3G device. Its series of standard and bespoke reports are designed to highlight specific usage patterns allowing businesses to identify its highest data, voice and roaming users.

In a recent study by analysts Gartner, it was found that organisations could save up to 35 percent on mobile costs by 2015 simply through closer management of their mobile services. Further research revealed that mobile costs have now exceeded traditional landline systems and that the majority of organisations leave mobile purchasing decisions to the employee while still paying for 100 percent of the bill.

It is in response to this that CTI Group is introducing Proteus Mobile. The application centralises and consolidates all mobile and fixed-line communications on a single platform while offering the same advanced functionality and features that are found across CTI’s entire suite of Proteus call accounting solutions.

Lee Essex, Product Manager for CTI Group, commented: “Across all industries, it is becoming standard for business to be conducted on mobile 3G devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. As a result, a number of organisations have seen their communications bills rocket due to large data transfers, international phone calls and unmonitored roaming charges. With CTI’s Proteus Mobile, businesses will be able to analyse all mobile usage and costs, which will empower them to implement policies and strategies that will help eliminate any unnecessary and costly mobile expenditure. Even something as simple as identifying personal use of a corporate mobile device, and allocating those costs back to the employee, can immediately save a business a significant amount of money.”

Proteus Mobile is compatible with CTI Group’s call accounting solutions, Proteus Enterprise and Proteus Trader, the latter of which has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the global financial industry.

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