PSG Sign up with AlwaysON

PSG Networks, a telephone systems and business communications specialist for the construction industry, has become one of the latest resellers to add hosted IP telephony to its portfolio. Partnering with hosting specialists, AlwaysON, the company is expanding its vendor-independent offering in order to help tailor its services to meet each customer’s needs in any given situation.

“We are continually forming best of breed relationships with vendors, including Avaya and Nortel, to ensure that we are well qualified to offer the best advice, choice and ability to implement for our customers,” said Rob Dowsett, Sales Director, PSG. “AlwaysON fits well with our criteria of quality, good value and reliable support for customers.”

“The construction industry presents some unique challenges. Faced with impetuous fuel prices, notoriously difficult cash flow, and labour shortages in many areas, they need other costs to be as predictable as possible,” he said. “Additionally, whilst head office may be in one place, most sites spring up and are only there for a finite period – whilst construction is happening. AlwaysON’s hosted IP telephony is a good match as it is highly flexible, reasonably and predictably priced, and, because it’s delivered over a private network rather than the Internet, its quality is highly reliable. We have already successfully implemented it at a number of sites,including one of our long term customers Lovell Construction.”

AlwaysON is actively recruiting partners for its hosted IP telephony service. Tim Wells, Head of Marketing, AlwaysON, said: “PSG is an ideal partner with us for hosted IP telephony, because of its commitment and specialisation to a specific industry. Construction is a demanding industry and having the right technology can make a huge difference. With a wide range of user requirements – from board room to building site – PSG is a great example of the kind of specialist that we are keen to partner with.”

Wells adds that AlwaysON’s ‘business class’ hosted IP telephony offers sophisticated telephony features such as voicemail and interactive voice response (IVR), which are both provided at no extra cost within the system. “Customers benefit from attractive start up costs and billing flexibility The highly scalable system can also be set up to include unified messaging, which allows all voicemail and email messages to be managed via one inbox such as Outlook. Users are managed through a simple ‘drag’n’drop’ browser based interface.”

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