QGate launches its next generation of their telephony integration solution, intelli-CTi

QGate Software Ltd, specialists in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and CRM, recently launched their latest version of their CTI solution – intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with a free 30 day trial.

QGate’s intelli-CTi enables the simple integration of software applications, such as CRM, and telephony systems reducing development costs and increasing the efficiency and productivity of phone centric activities.

“Our V1.2 release of intelli-CTi™ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has some exciting new features,” said Rowland Dexter, QGate’s Managing Director, “Businesses can now fully utilize and interact with their CRM environment via their telephones.

The new Call Assistant feature provides easy access to important CRM information about the caller, such as open Activities, Cases and/or Opportunities.”

This new release provides both new features and enhancements to existing features that focus on the following customer pains:

New greater CRM Dialer support (the ability to dial directly from many more CRM entities, including CRM Activities, Cases, Opportunities, Leads and Accounts).

New in-call “Dynamics CRM Call Assistant” feature (provides in-call assistance and easy access to important CRM information about the CRM caller, with the ability to view and create new CRM Cases, Opportunities and Activities).

Extended and enhanced CRM relationship management (throughout the lifecycle of each telephone call, ensuring all CRM entity relationships relating to the call are captured and recorded within the CRM call history).

Enhanced incoming caller recognition (on receiving an incoming call the ability to automatically see detailed information about the potential caller, and/or the ability to seamlessly create a new CRM Account, Contact or Lead).

Enhanced Call Wrap-up (At the point of post call wrap-up, provides the ability to summarise the call, capture further information and manage any post call operations such as CRM Case or Opportunity management).

New Improved CRM Client integration (improved integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook)

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