QuesCom Demonstrate New MobiQ Mobility Solution at Convergence Summit 2007

Vendor of fixed-mobile VoIP telecom appliances QuesCom will be showcasing the features of its new MobiQ client software for cellular phone at The Convergence Summit 2007 on 9th and 10th October on Stand 29.

This application allows the user of a company mobile phone to benefit from several advanced PBX-like features such as: call transfer, music on hold or corporate short dial list support.

Thanks to MobiQ and its user friendly graphical interface, the mobile phone becomes an extension of the company telephone network. This tool is a complete call manager, installed on the mobile phone, which controls call services.

The corporate mobiles are connected via GSM or Wi-Fi to the company telephone network and controlled by the QuesCom appliance. For external calls, the QuesCom appliance manages the routing to PSTN, GSM or IP network at minimal costs.

In addition, when the user is on the road, he answers incoming calls on his mobile and has access to the QuesCom appliances’ features such as music on hold, call transfer to another extension or conference call.

Once he is inside the company, he always has the choice of the handset he wants to pick up. Therefore, the user can be reached on a single personal telephone number, wherever he is.

Costs Optimization

Today, mobility has been estimated to squander up to half of companies’ telecommunication budget. With QuesCom’s solution, the company can considerably reduce its communication and roaming costs.

“Whatever the operator used, the MobiQ client is easy to install and allows people to benefit from their landline functionalities when out of the office. Full of innovative functionalities, it also guarantees a significant telephonic costs reduction to the company”, declares Robert Urban, Vice-president Sales and Marketing at QuesCom.

The main functionalities brought by MobiQ and QuesCom Mobility Solution are:

One-number for fixed line, mobile & fax

Displaying One-number to your interlocutor even for calls emitted from a mobile

Music on hold, call transfer to another extension or conference call from a mobile

Switching mid-conversation from your mobile to your landline

Corporate short dial plan support from your mobile

Cost reduction by avoiding roaming charges and using up mobile minutes

Simple and fast remote installation and configuration via SMS

Dual mode GSM/WiFi support

Nokia Family S60 (2nd Edition & 3rd Edition) and Windows Mobile 5 (SmartPhone Edition & Pocket PC Edition) support

QuesCom is a member of the Nokia PRO Forum.

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