Ready for Business: Cable & Wireless Next Generation Network

Cable & Wireless has completed the rollout of its Next Generation Network (NGN), it was announced today saying it is the first and largest UK national NGN and is up and running under budget and ahead of time across Cable & Wireless’ fully unbundled exchanges.

Importantly, Cable & Wireless is taking a completely different approach to others in the industry.

Instead of a forced “rip and replace” approach, Cable & Wireless will work with customers to migrate them only if, and when, it suits their business needs. In addition, it will work with customers to pinpoint and deliver the next generation services they want to have on their network.

The carrier says their all-IP network will afford customers the benefits of increased reliability and robustness and combined voice and data support – as well as very high bandwidth capacities – and has been designed around four core principles:
1. Customers will be constantly connected to their customers wherever they are, whenever and on any device

2. Customers will have access to new multimedia applications enabling them to work more collaboratively and in real time

3. Customers will get better value out of their telecoms investment

4. Customers will benefit from highly secure and future-proof telecoms infrastructure

John Pluthero, executive chairman of Cable & Wireless UK, says: “It’s all very well having the next generation infrastructure in place – but what’s paramount for us now is working with our customers to define and deliver the next generation service experience they deserve.

“Customers have been subjected to a lot of hype about NGN. Our approach is very different. We want to help our customers get more out of their telecoms spend.”

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