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Rebate Scheme Extended

VanillaIP, the provider of enterprise class Cloud UC services to the UK channel, has announced an extension to their rebate promotion scheme that sees all new 36 month subscribers now receiving a free Yealink T22P IP desk phone.

The company says the IP phone handset is the focal point of the Cloud UC system for most users and as such the Yealink terminals provide a positive impression of the power underlying VanillaIP platform
The VanillaIP rebate promotion, which provides a credit that our resellers can use to off-set upfront hardware costs, or take as additional margin, has according to the company, been a runaway success.

VanillaIP’s Uboss management platform preconfigures the Yealink handsets for plug and play deployment and also unlocks additional services, such as on-screen directories and credit locking.

Steve Tutt, Marketing Director at VanillaIP comments, “For our channel partners, the ability to put their logo on the Yealink phone screen builds their brand equity and cements mind share with their users. This is central to our view of helping our channel partners build a successful and rewarding future in the cloud. This new initiative really strengthens our whole Opex model and gives our resellers a compelling proposition to take to market.”

Peter Holland, Business Development Manager at Yealink UK adds, “VanillaIP’s custom integration between their Uboss platform and our comprehensive range of handsets is a great example of how Service Providers should build out additional functionality to make a unique noise in a crowded market. They are a long established, trusted provider in the UK and we look forward to continued mutual success.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine