Record Contract Win for Applegarth

In a bid to do its bit for the environment, Leeds-based Applegarth Communications will be planting 78 trees as part of its commitment to a rapidly growing environmental scheme – ‘Tree Appeal’.

Fully backed by Bill Oddie and Professor David Bellamy the scheme’s partner companies have calculated that for each PC or laptop sold, one tree must be planted to offset its carbon emissions, and two trees for a server.

“As our first big project we propose to plant 78 trees for the Hewlett Group which corresponds to the amount of computer equipment the company have bought from us,” said Applegarth IT consultant Roger Burgess.

“The idea is to offer a true environmental approach to technology acknowledging the carbon footprint of the items we provide and allow our customers to offset it”.

The Hewlett contract is Applegarth Communications’ biggest order to date. The £250,000 deal is to install a fully integrated telecoms and computer network at the new headquarters of civil engineering and construction company the Hewlett Group.

The contract includes the installation of a £70,000 cutting edge telephone system at the newly-built offices at the city’s Thorpe Park, plus a £180,000 IT network capable of linking all 100 employees on and off site.

The latest cat 6 cabling connections have been used to create both the telecoms and IT infrastructure, ahead of a November move by the construction company from its current HQ at Hunslet.

A key part of the telecoms system is a powerful microwave link between Thorpe Park and The Hewlett Group’s second site at Cross Green. This means that the two buildings will be connected via a virtual telephone network which will enable staff to be contacted on their own extension numbers as they move between the two sites. Staff will be able to make and receive internal and external calls as easily as if they were sitting at their own desks.

David Marsden, Managing Director of Applegarth, said: “With this new system The Hewlett Group are really at the forefront of telephone technology. As well as being extremely efficient, this roaming technology will save the company money on the cost of telephone calls.”

Applegarth will also supply a £180,000 Microsoft server-based IT system with PCs and laptops which will allow workers to ‘hot desk’ by logging on to any computer to access their files.

“As The Hewlett Group has many engineers on the road, plus remote workers on sites, or working from home, it is vital that they can communicate effectively no matter where they are,” said Mr Marsden. “Using this latest technology, they will be directly linked to the IT system, so that they can access all main files and work together.”

John Duffy, Managing Director of The Hewlett Group said: “Applegarth have offered us solutions which provide significant savings to the company, as well as helping us to create a well-organised and efficient working environment.”

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