Recruitment Company Chooses IP Telephony

Knowle-based recruitment company Tirebuck Career Solutions Limited has been supplied a new Swyx software-based telephone system by specialist Birmingham-based reseller Ortiga. The company has described it as “the last telephone system they will ever need”.

Apart from the extra space on desks where the physical telephones used to be, staff are now able to type and talk via headsets, as the telephone system is routed directly through the computer system.

Tirebuck are already finding that their productivity has increased, as they are now able to update their database of clients, which appears instantly when a call comes in, whilst talking to them through the headset – and paper-based note taking has now effectively become a thing of the past too.

With the ability to record telephone conversations, Tirebuck are now well placed to record telephone interviews with candidates, which can then be emailed on to their clients for consideration – a real differentiator for them.
The new SwyxWare system also provides ‘intelligent’ voicemail and is fully integrated within Microsoft Outlook, with all messages being centralised and able to be read by staff – whether in the office or working remotely.

Karen Tirebuck, managing director of Tirebuck commented, “The telephone system has been a revolution for us and once again puts us right at the forefront of technology.

“Each member of my team can be contacted directly by telephone or fax at whatever location they are working – whether in the office, at home, or onsite with a client.

“By having this intelligent call routing system means that our telephone calls can follow our working patterns, together with email and fax communications, often including candidate CVs which can also be delivered directly into our email system, keeping everything in one central place.

“And following our recent acquisition of Allocate Recruitment in Stratford we are now able to seamlessly integrate these new users onto the system too – enabling us to facilitate desk to desk calls between the two offices and provide a centralised call handling function for both businesses.

“In addition, we are currently experiencing call cost savings of around 35% and I expect our costs to reduce further with the introduction of our IP Exchange Lines which are 40% lower than traditional BT exchange lines.

“And with clever management reporting and statistics the system provides me with real-time control of the use of our telephony, how the calls are being handled and, of course, cost management.”

Tim Gain, managing director of Ortiga Limited commented, “All new enquiries at Tirebuck are now handled via a receptionist using a simple to use software application, which enables the operator to determine the availability of users and to transfer calls appropriately at the click of a mouse.

“Calls can be transferred, parked or sent to voicemail or messages can also be recorded and emailed to recipients if they are not available or busy at the time of the call.

“Using wireless technology the receptionist is free to move around the office simultaneously to facilitate the immediate response to routine enquiries.

“Since the operator console is software-based, the receptionist can be physically located anywhere and still be able to handle inbound calls. This means that lunchtime and holiday cover is now very simple to arrange since anyone within the system can effectively assume the role of operator with just a few simple changes.

“Conference calling charges have now been eliminated too since the system includes a commercial grade conferencing facility meaning no more expensive external conference bridge charges when arranging conversations with multiple parties.”

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