Reseller News: DeTeWe Call Centre Contract Win

Telecommunications reseller DeTeWe has announced the signing of a new contract with FirstInfo Ltd, a subsidiary of First Group PLC. DeTeWe has been selected to provide contact centre technology to FirstInfo’s new contact centre at Carn More House – based at the foot of Ben Nevis – which provides the customer contact centre for First ScotRail Ltd. The contact centre deals with a wide range of customer contacts, from general travel enquiries to customer letters, emails and the sale and provision of rail tickets.

DeTeWe will provide FirstInfo with Concerto Software’s Web Powered Agent, a browser-based agent desktop application that allows FirstInfo to deploy agents from the company’s Concerto Spectrum ACD located in Plymouth to any location in the world that has Web connectivity and a dialable telephone. As such, the agents located in Fort William will benefit from the world class contact centre functionality delivered by the Spectrum system without ScotRail incurring the expense of having to purchase a separate system for the remote location. Agents use Web Powered Agent along with the critical information that enables them to conduct profitable customer interactions and keep track of their personal work performance.

Bernie Hawkins, Program manager for ScotRail at FirstInfo explains: “DeTeWe’s proposed solution enables us to meet the demands of the First ScotRail operation in a virtual contact centre environment. The Fort William site has not had to invest in new hardware, rather, the Concerto solution allows the 40 agents in Fort William to deliver world-class customer service over the internet.

“Furthermore, DeTeWe have assisted us in setting up Voice-over-IP between Plymouth and Fort William so that we can send the Scotrail calls to the appropriate agents over our data infrastructure, without the cost of PSTN charges. The other major plus factor with the Concerto solution is the inbuilt resilience this kind of set-up offers. For instance, if we experienced a fire evacuation in Fort William, the fact that we are linked to our main location in Plymouth means that we can also answer the ScotRail calls there, ensuring that we can continue to meet our service commitment to ScotRail.”

Nadahl Shocair, DeTeWe’s Chief Executive, said: “Our relationship with FirstInfo continues to bear fruit. This is an innovative solution driven by the needs of the business rather than the available technology, and we’re confident that it marks a significant step in our ongoing partnership with FirstInfo.”

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