Retell’s three steps to PCI compliance

Retell, the UK call recording system manufacturer, is taking a three pronged approach to PCI DSS compliance and the recording of calls that include spoken credit card security numbers. Their multi channel Sense call recording platform now offers the option to stop/start recording when the user presses a button on the handset. Named ‘Sense Active Silence’ the feature pauses audio briefly and overrides any spoken details. A timeout prevents the agent from forgetting to restart recording.

For companies that require a more automatic approach Retell’s ‘Sense Passive Silence’ offers software which runs on the agents’ PCs and passively monitors their environment. If a pre-agreed condition is met for example a certain web site/credit card agency is opened, etc., then the client software sends a “PCI stop message” to the Sense recorder for the call that the agent is connected to (the software also knows this). The recorder will suspend the recording until either a “PCI start message” or a timeout occurs.

Finally Retell offers an API (Application Programming Interface) for those companies that want to integrate their own CRM/CTI applications with the Sense call recording system.

Head of Business Development at Retell, Steve Cobley commented, ‘It is widely accepted that it is impossible for any system to automatically know when a conversation verbally reaches the point of “credit cards”. Speech-to-text is not sufficiently good (or appropriate to handle this), so instead, it is generally agreed that non-verbal cues should be used to limit the recording of calls in certain circumstances to prevent credit card information being recorded. We are delighted that we can offer companies of any size, from one desk to hundreds with three cost effective solutions for ensuring sensitive credit card details are not recorded.’

Cobley continues, ‘Sense is a multi faceted call recording platform with both ‘passive’ and ‘active’ options. In active mode it offers a Voice Firewall to prevent dial through fraud on PABX’s and it can also play audio into a recording before, during or after a call enabling users to incorporate a ‘your calls are being recorded announcement’. Now with stop/start for PCI, integrated call management, CLI decoration (helps to identify inbound calls without a CLI number more accurately) Sense offers users a multitude of options to help improve their business performance.

The PCI DSS is a complex security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is intended to help organisations proactively protect customer account data.

Retell started to manufacture telephone recording equipment in 1986 and has grown continuously since. Now one of only a small number of call recording circuit card manufacturers in the world Retell supplies the back end recording engine for PABX and call management manufacturers and its Voice Explorer system is Silver Accredited by Panasonic on a worldwide basis. Retell is family owned and became a Limited Company in 2003.

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