Revenues up by 65%+ as VoiceSage Sales Grow

VoiceSage is continuing to exceed even its own expectations following another impressive financial period. For the year ended June, 2013, VoiceSage saw total turnover rise by 22% and revenues derived from mobile solutions soar by more than 65%.

The surge of interest in mobile contact solutions reflects a growing realisation among VoiceSage’s target customers – most notably retailers, utility companies and financial services providers – that customer communications are most effective when they are convenient to the recipient.

Many organisations have found that the mobile medium, particularly SMS/text messaging, can be highly effective and efficient for reaching customers in a timely fashion and getting a response first time. The more immediate, targeted and convenient the form of contact, and the easier it is for customers to go on and complete a transaction, the more likely they are to react positively to the interaction, VoiceSage’s customers are reporting.
VoiceSage’s turnover for 2013 was €4.37 million (£3.67 million), a 22% increase on 2012. In addition to mobile solution-related revenue growth rising by more than 65% year on year, mobile growth by volume of activity was up by 150% across all of the company’s target market sectors.

Commenting on the company’s impressive performance, CEO James J. Kett, said, “Retail and collections agencies are showing particular growth as they recognise the power of multi-channel, customer-centric contact solutions to increase results, while driving up customer satisfaction and internal efficiency. Even among existing clients we are seeing an expansion of business as they deploy our solutions across additional channels or in other areas of their organisation – for example in marketing, managing appointments and deliveries, credit collections, or conducting surveys. The ability to manage more of these processes by mobile, especially via SMS conversations, is driving growth in all of these areas.”

VoiceSage has also been heavily in R&D development during the year. “2013 has seen the launch of a number of key product innovations such as text conversations, Survey and Best Time to Contact,” JJ adds. “These innovations are all delivering significant client performance improvements while further enhancing our market differentiation.”
The company has also been developing its channels to market, forming new strategic partnerships with organisations such as Powerdial Services, and forming closer ties with existing partners including Capita and Serco. This too is helping expand the company’s market coverage.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine