RF Code Integrates With Nlyte’s DCIM Suite Through The Ngauge APITM

Nlyte Software and RF Code announced a partnership that will provide companies with a dynamic system for more accurate asset management. The combined solution provides customers with an affordable, highly adaptable, and easy to deploy DCIM solution with tightly integrated environmental performance information and asset location, critically important for data centre optimisation.

RF Code pioneered the use of active-RFID for use throughout the data centre, to establish physical location of assets as well as report temperature, humidity, air pressure and door closures. The company provides a low cost approach to this monitoring, and has been integrated using Nlyte’s Ngauge APITM, a web API, to reflect this information within the Nlyte system. Customers are finding the tight integration between the two solutions to be immediately beneficial as the off-the-shelf integration saves the time that would otherwise be consumed trying to coordinate technical details of doing so.

“Integration with Nlyte provides another level of data centre solutions for RF Code,” said Chris Gaskins, RF Code’s vice president of Product Development. “We make the industry’s most accurate data centre wire-free solutions, and the linkages between RF Code and Nlyte were immediately apparent – a perfect complement. Our customers can now benefit from a simpler, but more assured way to collect the needed data in real-time to effectively manage all their assets in the data centre, facilitating enhanced provisioning and forecasting.”

Nlyte’s newly introduced Ngauge API is a standard system interface available to all integration partners that results in a quick integration of third-party solutions which enable customers to manage their IT infrastructure more dynamically than ever. The Ngauge API interface is well documented and can be used by any complementary solution provider to take advantage of the Nlyte DCIM system itself.

“Our customers demand cost-effective and complementary technologies that enhance the very core of their DCIM efforts,” said Mark Harris, Nlyte Software’s vice president of marketing and data centre strategy. “RF Code is a great example of these technologies that perfectly complement our own data centre business management capabilities. The combined solution enables a comprehensive view of the data centre, with real-time status of environmental parameters and physical asset location. This enhanced visibility gives the IT division the ability to function like a true business unit.”

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