RimatriX5 for Security and Remote Maintenance

With the monitoring and remote management module of RimatriX5, the new integrated solution for modern computer centres, Rittal is able to offer security and remote maintenance from a single source.

Temperatures of racks or particular components can be analysed and controlled, the operat-ing status of the UPS backup documented, power management can be implemented for individual modules and the operating hours of batteries and fans can be evaluated as a basis for preventive intervention, all from a single software interface. The integration of call centre functions can ensure the shortest possible reaction times in case of escalation.

Simple handling and administration via the monitoring and remote management module of RimatriX5 permits sustained savings in maintenance and operating costs.

Targeted remote maintenance and diagnosis for sensitive parameters can extend the service life of active components. The system-wide monitoring, measurement and control functions offered by Rittal’s Computer Multi Control Top Concept (CMC-TC) will monitor and allow the preventive intervention of any potential risks in good time.

Further information:
John Wilkins
Marketing Services Manager
Tel: 01709 704000
e-mail: information@rittal.co.uk

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