Rocom Cuts a Unique Distribution Deal with Samsung Telecom

In a move that about turns their ‘no distribution’ strategy, Samsung Business Communications has announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Rocom for the distribution of its newly released OfficeServ 7000 series. Moreover, and significantly, Rocom has set up an office within the Manchester offices of Samsung from where they will support their Samsung channel partners.

Ali Zartash-Lloyd, the Sales, Marketing and Services Director of Samsung commented, “The distribution agreement with Rocom is a major step in our ambitious growth plans in the UK. OfficeServ 7000 range is presenting us with an enormous opportunity for growth in the UK and EU, which we can only address effectively by teaming up with Distribution partners with the ability to satisfy the expected high demand for OfficeServ 7000 series.”

Zartash-Lloyd continued, “We wanted to appoint a partner that enabled us to concentrate our resources on growing our relationship with our current Resellers, whilst our partner would concentrate on expanding our presence in the UK by appointing and supporting new Resellers and Systems Integrators. This means we were looking for a partner with commitment, technical ability and broad reach within the UK market. We believe Rocom has the organisation and personnel to deliver all of this effectively.”

Richard Carter, Business Development Director at Rocom commented, “When I joined Rocom I was thrilled to see that negotiations with Samsung were already at an advanced level. Samsung is a much-respected manufacturer in the voice channel and this new product will catapult the brand into the forefront of the IP market, without losing any TDM capability.”

Ali Zartash-Lloyd commented, “We are taking the unprecedented approach of taking the Supplier-Distributor relationship to a new level, by having Richard Carter’s team working from our Manchester premises. This means we can work as a single unit, coordinating Samsung and Rocom’s approach, sales activities and support mechanism. This will be done with complete integrity within both organisations creating the appropriate separations to ensure proper Corporate Governance and Data Protection”.

In a move thought to be unique in distribution Rocom will support all new Samsung partners with a Rocom business unit operating from within Samsung’s Manchester office “Such close partnership between vendor and distributor has never been done before and will transform the level of support we are able to offer,” said Rocom Chairman Bob Old.

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