Rocom See Potential of Vosky Skype

Distributor Rocom, who has signed an agreement for the Vosky Exchange range recently introduced to the UK market, sounds very keen on the potential for the products.

The rack-mountable PBX-to-Skype Gateways enable business users to make, receive and transfer Internet-based Skype calls over standard office phone systems.

As well as delivering free Skype calls, a key benefit of the new Vosky Exchange range is that it enables mobile and remote workers to dial directly via Skype into the company PBX. This not only reduces international, remote staff and telecoms costs, but also opens businesses up to the worldwide Skype community and to interaction with potentially 200 million new customers.

Managing Director Richard Carter told Comms Business Magazine, “The Skype brand is very strong in the market and people instantly know what you are talking about when you mention their name. The possibility therefore of Skype enabling a PBX is one that we think resellers will be very excited about.”

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