RW Comms Introduce DayZero

IT and telecoms specialist, RW Communications, has launched its “DayZero” solution, which enables businesses to set up an instant fixed-line telecom, email and fax system in geographical areas which have not previously been populated. The solution combines 3G and IPTelephony (IPT) solutions to give access to fixed-line telecoms on the first day on site, unlike current offerings in the market which can take up to six months to establish a “live” line.

RW Communications has been working with construction industry partners and networking specialist, Sonicwall, at its North-West office, resulting in a complete and proven solution. The DayZero service is based on the Gamma Telecom FeaturePlus IPT service, which RW Communications has been reselling for over a year. The service had already been pinpointed as ideal for the construction industry as it allows fast and flexible installation, non-geographic numbering, call forwarding and the ability to drastically reduce call costs between sites. RW Communications has combined the solution with the UK’s most reliable 3G card from Vodafone and routing and firewall hardware from Sonicwall, to enable access to voice calls, internet, email and fax in sites which have never been connected to the telecoms network.

Paul Williams, North-West Regional Manager, RW Communications, commented: “We’re really excited about the possibilities of the DayZero solution. Since we started offering IPT services, we’ve been continually impressed by the flexibility it has brought to our customers, but this is our most innovative use to date. This solution will save our customers vital set up time, allowing projects to be delivered faster. Because it is using Gamma’s IPT service as the back bone, we are also able to pass on significant cost savings to the users, as well as guaranteed quality and excellent customer service.”

The flexible nature of both IPT and 3G means that once the site installation is complete and a permanent phone line has been set up, the equipment can be transferred to any other location keeping the same number. RW Communications has a number of customers already using the service and expects DayZero to make an impact on the way the construction and outdoor event industries manage their communications systems.

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