Scalable Networks Launches EC3: Innovation

Scalable Networks plc, the network integrator, has announced the launch of its dedicated emerging technologies division, EC3. Established in response to growing demand from high-capital City- based organisations looking for the latest bleeding edge technologies, EC3’s role will be to ‘broker’ new relationships between customer and hi-tech vendors.

As a facilitator, EC3 will ‘talent spot’ vendors looking to break the IT marketplace, and match make technology on-demand. This will allow vendors a crucial entry-point into the market, whilst delivering the critical first-mover advantage sought after in the City.

Headed up by Keith Marsh, Head of Commercial, EC3 will provide vendors with an opportunity to get face-to-face with high-profile organisations; “This is the only industry in which new technology gets a chance to cut its teeth in the real world – it’s a trial and error playground for vendors. City IT departments are under pressure to integrate the latest and greatest technologies on-demand, but don’t always have the resource to develop the necessary relationships with vendors. EC3’s value lies in the contacts and reputation of its team to enable this partnering process.”

With over 10 years experience working in the City IT industry, the EC3 team includes Hiten Mistry, a former network architect whose career has spanned several major international investment banks; and Keith Marsh, with an equal wealth of experience selling the latest technologies within the City. Their ability to appreciate and understand the thought-processes of City organisations has enabled EC3 to quickly establish a foothold in such a highly competitive arena.

Says Mistry, “A fundamental element of IT is to discover the product or solution that increases your profit-margins, and in the City, it’s critical you find it before your competitor does. Working with raw, unused technology is all about balancing risk against financial gain.”

Supported by Scalable Networks, EC3 will work closely with start-up vendors to first establish the viability of their technology and its potential ‘usability’.
If successful, the product can be channelled through to existing clients in Scalable Networks’ portfolio as part of a wider business solution.

Concludes Marsh, “Getting a foot on the ladder is an essential starting point for any vendor looking to commercialise and evolve its products into the risk- free, off-the-shelf solutions adopted by mainstream businesses. EC3 will aim to do just this.”

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