ScanSource Europe Unveils Purpose-Built Configuration Centre

ScanSource Europe has opened a new configuration centre at its Belgian distribution centre in order to provide enhanced Configuration Services for resellers.

Configuration Services represents a cost-effective and efficient means for resellers to have products configured to their needs and, if required, shipped directly by plain label to their end users.

The new dedicated configuration centre has a footprint of 80m2 / 860ft2 and has been designed with the concept of scalability built into every aspect in order to provide equally high service levels to configuration projects of any size.

Configuration, whether it be preloading of operating systems or applications, bundling of equipment, charging batteries or even simple additions of reseller marketing material, is all taken care of by ScanSource. This frees up resellers’ internal technical resources, and enables them to take on larger projects than resources may otherwise allow, ultimately helping them to manage peaks and valleys in their business.

“Technical resources are extremely valuable to resellers,” said Colin Booth, Director of Professional Services Europe, ScanSource Europe. “What we’re doing with Configuration Services is allowing companies to deploy those resources to more business-critical areas. Now that we have a larger, purpose-built configuration environment enabling increased capacity and efficiency of the service, we can make it even easier for resellers to do business, taking on time-consuming, repetitive tasks so they don’t have to and allowing them to focus on their core business, meet customer needs and increase profitability.”

Configuration Services forms part of ScanSource Europe’s Professional Services, which offers a series of pre- and post-sales services, including radio frequency site surveys, installation and commissioning, staging and rolls out, systems integration and maintenance and service contracts.

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