Scramble to meet the FSA deadline

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) compliance deadline came into force on November 14, leaving businesses with a last minute rush to ensure they were adhering to regulations on recording and storing mobile voice calls.

Despite months of warning, many organisations were still reported to be undecided about how they will comply or were struggling to deploy their systems on time.
Natterbox, a provider of supercharged voice services, reached out to major banks on deadline day with an FSA Emergency Compliance Kit. This was targeted at businesses that have neglected to implement a solution or have experienced issues with an app-based service. The kit included a SIM card that allowed one user to become immediately compliant, as all it required was a quick SIM-swap.

Natterbox CEO Neil Hammerton said: “Many FSA regulated businesses will believe that banning mobile devices altogether is the only simple way to comply with the new regulations.

“When the workforce is banned from using mobiles, it is the customer that ultimately suffers. This is unacceptable practice since there is easily implementable technology available that provides mobile voice recording. Compliance has to be met but it must be done in a manner that doesn’t jeopardise customer service. No one wants to have a compliant business with no customers.”

Natterbox Mobile Call Recording is a secure web portal that allows administrators to set recording, blocking and re-direction policies for their entire mobile user base.

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