Shaftesbury Systems Selects CTI Group’s Call Management

Demand from resellers for a complete end-to-end call management package has prompted CTI Group, a leader in VoIP call recording and call management applications, to partner with Shaftesbury Systems, the telecoms billing solutions supplier. This relationship promises the telecom reseller and carrier markets, access to complementary market leading telecom management solutions at the best price available. The partnership will see Shaftesbury Systems actively offering CTI Group’s ‘Proteus Office’, a comprehensive tool that allows business managers to monitor and manage telecoms expenditure together with employee activity on the telephone – one of the best indicators of business performance.

The Proteus Office tool which comes with a specific reseller mode has been selected as best fit in the market to complement Shaftesbury Systems’ comprehensive billing and business management system ‘ebillz’. This new partnership will guarantee that telecom resellers have access to the very best telecom management solutions in the marketplace with a basic free unlimited trial software package, which will allow reseller’s customers to experience some of the benefits. This offers resellers a great advantage when selling the solution into businesses, as it prompts the user to upgrade and also refers them back to the original reseller.

Howard Chaplin, Managing Director at Shaftesbury Systems comments, “CTI Group’s presence in the channel and ubiquitous strength in the call management and recording space makes this partnership an obvious choice. It will enable us to approach similar resellers and SME customers, with the additional call management functionality; something that we are seeing more and more demand for from both resellers and directly from carriers. The beauty of this relationship is that we will also be able to offer those projects requiring larger billing propositions, the option to add the Customer Premise Call Management to enhance the delivery of call management and billing information. We predict that this offering will enable us to grow our customer base by 70-80 resellers, with further demand from carriers themselves.”

Offering a simple ‘4-click’ install and a unique overview screen functionality, Proteus Office 6 can be quickly implemented to give users an overview of telecoms usage across the network and provide statistics in real-time, analysing all calls conducted on the system. Proteus Office 6 identifies telephony misuse, ways in which customer service can be improved and allows authorised users to further analyse the network using on-demand comprehensive reports. Resellers can rebrand the product as their own allowing them to complement their existing portfolio with a real value-added service.

Lee Essex, Product Manager at CTI Group comments: ”We are delighted that Shaftesbury Systems is adding Proteus Office to its portfolio of recognised offerings. It verifies the company’s existing billing package, by also giving users the further insight into usage that they now require, highlighting the volume of calls and how they are being conducted via one unified dashboard. Resellers can also brand the solution as their own. This opens up Shaftesbury Systems’ delivery of ‘switchless solutions’ and also doors to customers that are now demanding this kind of application.”

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