Shared Virtual Reality to feature at Scottish Woman in Technology Awards

The infinite potential of Shared Virtual Reality will be shown off at this Thursday’s Scottish Woman in Technology Awards with the unveiling of two new unique platforms.

Two platforms, one by evne which is a virtual skills development app, and the other by IOReality which uses shared VR to help physical rehabilitation, will show off just how Virtual Reality won’t just revolutionise the way we learn, but also the way we heal!

Dr Libby McGugen, creator and owner of IO-Reality will be unveiling her platform during the event for the first time and hopes to help transform people’s experience in wellbeing and learning through shared VR.

She said, “VR provides the ideal environment because of its immersive nature, which offers a unique opportunity to help transform people’s experience for the better. It’s already being used in medicine for distraction from pain, PTSD management, dementia care and surgical training.

“Once fully developed, the IO-Reality will offer a virtual space for immersive learning, wellbeing and rehabilitation through neural priming. Social interaction, a key component of wellbeing is core to the development, where people can forget their limitations and have fun. We believe it can be a powerful tool to help transform people’s experience from the inside-out.”

IO-Reality and evne are just a couple of the companies using Glasgow based Eventual’s shared VR platforms to further their ideas, and change the way we interact and learn.

The unique technology allows thousands of people the ability to inhabit and interact with each other within the same space. It means the possibilities for what can be created is infinite, and everyone can experience it together.

The inclusion of these two amazing apps at the inaugural SWiT doesn’t just recognise the amazing things women are doing in the technology sector, but also show the limitless capabilities of virtual reality

The demos will be on display throughout the night of the awards this Thursday at Glasgow’s Radison Blu.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine