Shopitize directly connects brands and consumers using smartphone technology

Shopitize is set to revolutionise the way consumers and brands interact in the UK with the launch of an innovative web and mobile customer platform.

Shoptize gives users easy tools to capture shopping receipt data with smartphones. Using the Shopitize platform, brands will be able to better understand consumer spending habits across channels at the level of individual products and to provide more targeted offers.

The company was founded in 2010 by tech entrepreneur, investor and former Australian cabinet minister Hon. Alan Griffiths, former banker Irina Pafomova, and former management consultant Dr. Alexey Andriyanenko. Shopitize is backed by international investors who committed £1m to create the platform.

The business has now launched a public beta version for the UK. “The Shopitize mobile app transforms the smartphone into a personalised shopping assistant, making it simple for consumers to organise their spending and to save money” said co-founder, Irina Pafomova.

“This will be instrumental in helping brands rationalise the wealth of shopping data information across channels. By distilling insights based on actual shopping behaviour, Shopitize will enable more efficient and relevant offers to be provided by brands to their customers.

“In short, consumers want relevant offers – and brands want shopping information across all channels. That’s precisely what Shopitize is delivering.”

In the current beta release of the Shopitize platform, users will use the Shopitize Android smartphone apps (iPhone coming shortly) to snap photos of their grocery shopping receipts to upload to the Shopitize website. Subsequent release will expand the proposition beyond grocery to high street retailers.

The Shopitize web and mobile app offer seamless integration easy management of their everyday shopping receipts, creation of personalised shopping reports, and smart shopping reminders delivered to their smartphone.

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