ShoreTel Files Counterclaim Against Mitel

IP PBX vendor ShoreTel yesterday came out fighting in their battle with Mitel and filed counterclaims alleging patent infringement against Mitel and asked for about $10 million in damages. ShoreTel said it also denied previous patent infringement claims brought by Mitel.

In June, ShoreTel’s initial public offering was delayed after Ottawa-based Mitel sued in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, alleging infringement of four Mitel patents.

In response, ShoreTel said it alleges that Mitel’s IP phone systems infringe its patents.
The company also asked for an injunction against Mitel in Ontario Superior Court “for making false or misleading statements about ShoreTel’s alleged infringement, which were made on the eve of ShoreTel’s initial public offering.”

“We are confident in our position, and believe the timing of Mitel’s filing was intended to interfere with our later successful IPO,” said company CEO John W. Combs.

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