Siemens see Channel Opportunities in Small PBX Market

Martin Northend, Director – SME Portfolio Marketing, Global Portfolio Marketing, Siemens Enterprise Communications says the low end of the SME market has seen considerable attention from vendors this year.

“We expect this to continue into next year – with further products taking IP technology within reach of the very small enterprise. What is driving this renewed interest in this part of the market? Certainly the market is huge in terms of numbers of potential customers – but it has always been notoriously difficult to reach. Many resellers expect to see their profits coming from selling into larger opportunities.

Three things are now happening to make this market more attractive. Firstly the technology now means that it is possible to deliver easy to install products that provide pretty much everything customers want (or need) in one box. Secondly there is new money saving VoIP service based propositions going into the market space. Thirdly customers in this market segment have the capability to react very quickly to new opportunities. So if someone knocks on their door offering to save money on line rental and call costs they probably listen, evaluate and act much more quickly than larger organisations. The real power of SIP based VoIP trunking is that a reseller gets that chance to sell a new system alongside the new network connectivity. And best of all from a reseller perspective – in this market segment the time from making a call to closing a deal and collecting cash can be really short.

This market segment will provide resellers with a great opportunity to build run rate business at a fairly low cost with a quick return whilst still chasing the big deals.”

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